voice of color

another grey cold foggy monday in july in san francisco. so this calls for some more color therapy. . . .
the useful website voice of color has a quick little color sense game you can play to find out what color schemes most suit you. mine are:

although in decor i like warmer & more neutral color shemes, i wasn't surprised by these two coming out on top because of my mood and what i predominantly wear. also since i had just made these collages this morning before taking the test, i thought "well isn't that a fun coincidence"!

{top row: briscoe, jessica gonacha; middle row: javame, jennration, koreana, sakura*aya, jim heid; bottom row: asiunka, jessica gonacha, jeff andrews}


tangobaby said...

Well, that was super fun! I am Tapestry and Mosaic. (exotic rich pallettes inspired by travel and imagination!).

LOL! Now that's a surprise! Thanks for the fun quiz.

ps. I love that sakura photo. She is a genius with that macro lens.

studio wellspring said...

oh yes those pallettes suit you so well, my exotic imaginative friend. ;o) was it you or relyn who 1st intro'd be to sakura's work? i'm so grateful ~ she's one talented macro lens lady.