33 sparkling lights in my sky today

will someday split you open
even if your life is now a cage
for a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain
you hold the title to.
love will surely bust you wide open
into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy
even if your mind is now
a spoiled mule.
a life-giving radiance will come....

{from the poem in a tree house by hafiz, from the book the subject tonight is love translated by daniel ladinsky}
i consider birthdays a very special time. for me, they're more like the new year than january 1st, with reflection and celebration abounding. and i have continued the habit my parents set for me from a very young age: to remember all the things you're happy about and declare all the things you wish for on your own special day of brith. {yes, i lucked-out and got some very good parents}
so, they say 33 is your jesus year. that's kind of a lot to live up to. but what with the fact that i will be called upon to perform several minor miracles this year i suppose it's a really good time to try to emulate the strengths & vitures of him, that christian symbol of compassion, connection to a higher power, and renewal.
the past year has been filled with some really amazing experiences that i am eternally grateful for ~ making new friends, making deeper commitments to shambhala, making new accomplishments in my career, making new places on this planet more familiar, making a baby, and making a new home to name just a few. and my wish for this coming year is to be blessed with the lessons i need to further deepen my practice and deepen my connection to that which is really most important: compassion, love and peace.
p.s. i share this special day with 2 of my fave boy bloggers: happy birthday to alex and bradford!
p.s.s. thank you with all my heart to jenni , teri & tangobaby for your incredible blog posts for me today. i swear i am the luckiest lady on the planet!
{photo credits ~ row 1: seed, crown, homing. row 2: time, love, caring, unfettered. row 3: tiptops, tango, tiptoes, music, dance}


tangobaby said...

Let me be the first here to wish you the happiest of birthdays. All that you have created here and continue to strive for to speads light and joy to all those you touch.

May this be the first day of an exceptional year!

Much love and kisses to you and tiny Peach.

julochka said...

i just discovered your blog from tangobaby's (and i see she's already been here to comment!). i hope you have a wonderful birthday. what a great posting..looking back on accomplishments and looking ahead. it is better than new year's!

happy birthday!

Uncle Beefy said...

Why is this post all about YOU? Afterall...it's MY birthday!!! I KNOW!? Shut down! Woo hoo!

AAAAANNNNDDDD...you were the second winner of the giveaway!!!! Hooray! So I'm hoping that is a good omen for the rest of the year, m'dear!


Lovely post by the way :)

(ps - "tiny Peach"? OMG... heartbreakingly sweet tangobaby!)

studio wellspring said...

tb ~ you are such a shining star of thoughtfulness! thanks so much for your kind wishes & the sweet post today. my heart overflows with adoration.

hi julochka & welcome to my lil' swellspring. so glad to see you here. and thanks so much for the b-day wishes, sweetpea.

uncle b birthday boy ~ i did say i was sharing the day with you {& alex} so the post at least mentioned you. ;o)
"peach" is my nickname for my baby ~ thankfully it's been carried on by her aunties with love.

paris parfait said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sunshine Girl! Can't wait to see you next week and give you your present in person. Hope the day is fantastic ad the year ahead full of excitement, blessings, adventure, joy and most of all, love! xoxox

Christina said...

I just left tangobaby's blog and left wishes for you there, but had to make my way over to you and leave them directly in your hands.

Happy Birthday to you. Although we don't know each other - I wish you love, wisdom and peace for the new year and beyond.

Your blog is beautiful.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, this is a great year for you! So great to get to know you. Looking forward to all the peachy stories.

karey m. said...

ohhhh. this was the most beautiful thing. you and your words and...just all of it.

you're so healthy. that's probably my highest compliment, by the by.

healthy. making stuff. like a peach. and like my day.

happy happy birthday. {are all my faves born in july?!} xoxo.

studio wellspring said...

tara ~ so many things to celebrate when see each other soon.... thank you so much for your wonderful words and friendship!

wow, hi christina! and welcome. and thank you. what a sweetheart you are to send such lovely wishes to someone you don't even know. twice. i am beaming over here!

hi elizabeth ~ it's been great getting to know you too. i do hope you & your hubby will be planning a trip to sf soon. i'd love to spend more time with you. and i just know you'll live it up in our tango scene.

ah karey, july sister! what a treat to know we have the same birthday month to celebrate each other and ourselves. your way with words is simply breath taking. xxoo!

Sally Hess said...

happy, happy, happy of birthdays! This year really be the biggest and most full one yet! Cheers!

Red Shoes said...

Happy birthday, lovely lovely lady! We're so lucky to have you.

Clare said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lovely Little Mama!
I wish you so much happiness and love today.
Sorry I will miss the party on Saturday. Can I take you out when I get back?
Love, Clare

studio wellspring said...

hi sally jax & clare ~ thanks ever so much for your lovely sweet wishes. this has been a truly fantastic birthday!

Relyn said...

Swellspring, I love the abbreviation. I think it fits you perfectly! I just wanted to wish you the happiest of days, weeks, months, year! May your year be full of joy. May your year be full of laughter, peace, rest, and so much love. Happy, birthday. Happy year, dear one.

studio wellspring said...

thanks ever so much, relyn. you are such a dear heart!