relax ~ it's friday!

another weekend away for me ~ this time heading up to the oregon coast for a wedding. it'll be so nice to see old friends and spend time with my family. i've been craving down-time outside the city and there's no better place than my parent's home for that. nestled amongst huge trees, no neighbors can be seen, the air is fresh, and time just slows down. counting down the hours til lift-off. . . .
hope your weekend is filled with down-time and deliciousness!
{photo found on dark gardyner's photostream}


Relyn said...

You always find the most beautiful images. I hope your weekend will be everything you hope for, and more. Oregon is so perfect in the summer. I think you are blessed, just to be there. Have a marvelous weekend and safe travel, my friend.

tangobaby said...

That sounds like heaven...I should have tried to stow away in your luggage before you took off.

Have a great time!

studio wellspring said...

hi relyn ~ i couldn't agree more that oregon is perfect in the summer. the only thing it's missing are the fireflies you're so lucky to have. hope you had a delightful weekend too!

tanogbaby you simply MUST join me on a trip to oregon one of these times. i meant it.