living is nice at ... rice

if only this denmark-based shop sold their goodies to the u.s. market.... rice is just the type of shop i'd like to support. not only because they have a plethora of fantastic products but also because their goods are produced with a clear conscience. all rice products are designed and developed in denmark, but are produced in the third world with the highest respect for the people who make them. they do not use child labor, and they ensure the workers employed by them are treated properly, and are not discriminated against, racially or otherwise. they find it extremely important to treat the people that work for them in an honorable way ~ for example their crochet items alone assure the survival of 300 families in madagascar.
and why, you might wonder, did they choose the name "rice"? for the simple reason that rice is a basic survival product for many people in this world, and especially in the third world {where they decided to focus their efforts to benefit people the most}. in fact many people working for them in madagascar receive a bag of rice as part of their salary package. now that is nice!

{first heard about this company on dreamhouse}


karey m. said...

ok ok ok...love rice.

but lori andrews?! i am having chest pains. too stunning. too too stunning.

i mean it. i'm actually grimacing it's so beautiful. and inspiring.

man oh man. xoxo.

sparkle said...

maybe you can get j.n. to virtually introduce you to some danish person who'll be willing to buy and ship for you.

studio wellspring said...

hi karey ~ yay you're back! i was so excited to see your comment. you've been missed! and thanks for putting my post up on kirtsy. i do adore you!

hiya sparkle! who is "j.n."? blame it on the slow brain of a woman souped-up on pregnancy hormones but i can't for the life of me figure it out.....