mary poppins effect

and just like that, the umbrella loving girl was whisked away to . . . . . the lone star state.
yes, i'll be in houston until monday. hope you all have a spoon-full-of-sugar weekend!
{photos by legally bold}


Relyn said...

Oh! Have fun! There's great shopping in Houston.

Chloe said...

have fun. i love these umbrellas you posted. we have some similar ones installed in athens

studio wellspring said...

hi relyn & chloe ~ i had a wonderful time in houston. i was pleasantly surprised by how green & lush & alive it is; plus lots of very nice people, and everything seemed so clean & new. and big. everything is bigger in houston. especially the houses. my oh my the huge houses i saw ~ i'm still reeling from it. photos to be shared soon!