nautilus notice

{bronze shell stand lamp by jrm international}

{hightech's concrete ammonite wash basin}

{ankasa shell pillows by vivre}

{ammonite on aged copper pedestal by spirale collection}

{same-same table lamps and contrare wall lamps are made of treated crushed silk, resistant to mold and fire, laid on a metal structure. by aqua creations}

{the venus chair ~ an austro-hungarian ormolu-mounted mahogany and parcel-gilt armchair from the ann getty collection, limited edition}


dutchbaby said...

Hello Ms. Sunshine,

I come to you via tangobaby. I've been a lurker for some time now, but must comment on these images. I adore the nautilus, it appeals to my inner mathematician (did you know that each chamber's volume follows the Fibonacci series?) My favorite? The sink! Thank you for the beautiful post.

studio wellspring said...

hi dutchbaby ~ lurking is fine with me, lord knows i do it too. but i am so glad you broke the silence to say hello. especially since our affinities for the nautilus are from the same source ~ i'm a big golden ratio nut and am quite familiar with our mathematical genius friend fibonacci. {not personally mind you, that would just be weird} :o)
i agree, that sink is particularly fantastic.

vineeta said...

What a lovely collection of images Angie! one better than the other :)

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much vineeta! how are you? i must jump to your blog and check in!