10 cent designer is worth her weight in gold

i've been idolizing lori andrews from afar for a while now. so it's high time i came out with it & shared her with you. if you like interior design, photography, humor, aesthetics, and boldness then you're going to enjoy lori's work as much as i do. she is really living the life ~ you know, that dreamy sort of life one can fantasize about having in their head when their own life seems to lack a little lustre? yes, she is living that life for me. but i'm not jealous {not a jealous girl at all actually}, i'm just utterly inspired. studio wellspring is all about collecting inspiration, so the 10 cent designer definitely needs a place here too.

she's a very busy lady with several fun spots to explore on the internet:
the 10 cent designer blog

the lori andrews interios website
and now you can just go ahead and kick back and spend the rest of today culling through her flickr account ~ it's full of so many delights of her work & life you may not be able to stop yourself. ;o)


Erika of Sweet Pea blog said...

hi lovely,
just returned from holiday, so was only now able to respond to your sweet comments on my blog. Also a big congrats :) Hope you are feeling well. Pls drop me an email, love to hear how you are doing.
I understand why you adore "10 cents"... such creativity. And what a wonderful sofa in your 1st pic. I always find such original, artistic ideas on your blog. Speak soon xx Erika

studio wellspring said...

hi sweet erika! hope you had a fabulous time on your vacay. ms.10-cent is quite inspiring so i'm sure you'll love her work too. and thanks for the congrats .... i'm in the home stretch now. ;o)

Relyn said...

She is amazing. You always share the most wonderful, inspiring stuff. The last picture you posted - amazing!