my brain sister's very special day

do you have a sister? well i am lucky enough to have two. one is biological {more about her on her special day} and the other is chosen. because we found each other in this lifetime {& perhaps previous ones too} by choices more than birth we call each other brain sisters. and, because our minds are so alike, we are such kindred spirits, the term "best friend" really wasn't adequate. so we made up our own description for our connection: brain sisters! we made this up when we were in middle school, so perhaps today we'd come up with something more eloquent, but i think the nostalgia of it is enough to keep it going for the rest of our lives.
in this stunningly beautiful, magna-cum-laude intelligent, unendingly supportive, creatively blissful woman i have found so much more than i could have ever predicted back when we first met in jazz dance class as pre-teens. even though for much of our lives we've lived in different towns, our connection has never swerved. and i fully believe that is a testament to her ability to grow, and let those she loves grow, without it going apart. . . . just a winding along side sort of growth that holds you through and through. now we are lucky enough to live 2 blocks away and it really is one of the most delightfully satisfying experiences to fulfill such a long-time dream of being able to walk over anytime to borrow sugar, give a surprise bouquet, or just to get a muchly needed hug after a long day.
but when i reflect on what really makes jenni so special in my life it is this:
this woman understands me. all the way. and she still loves me for it.
i can't tell you how awe inspiring this is. plus it’s not just any ol’ average gal we’re talking about here ~ this is an incredibly awesome lady! this is the type of woman who lights up a room every time she enters it, no matter where or when. if you need something, anything, done with the highest attention to detail, the most creativity and perfect punctuality then she is the one to call. if you’re in a deep dark pit of a hole and lost and scared and can’t even muster the concept of how to get out, she’s the type who won’t wait for your call but will recognize immediately what to do for you, and then do it {i still have the happy love notes she left all over my apartment for me to find as i went about my depressing daily grind when i was 22 and my whole life fell devastatingly apart}. she gives excellent advice because she’s very wise and insightful and observant. she is utterly inspiring because she’s so damn smart and creative and good with her hands. oh, and i haven’t even gotten around to describing her dance yet! she has been stunning audiences with her connection to music and graceful strength of movement for decades, and continually pushing herself to reach higher. she shines onstage and off in a way that thoroughly captivates.
sure we’ve changed and shifted over the last 20 years in multitudes of ways but there is a constant thru-line, an inner core of our beings that has remained the same. . . and it’s been witnessed and nurtured by each other. there really is no greater gift than the gift of true mutual understanding because what that really means is unconditional love.
to say i am grateful isn’t enough. to say i am lucky to know her & be in her life isn’t enough. so i’ll just say, i see you jenni robin, and i love you for all that you are today and always.

gone fishsin'

if you're ever wanting some new unique, well-made housewares {and, really who isn't?} then i've got just the place for you to visit: fishs eddy
their name is respectfully borrowed from a small hamlet in upstate new york ~ and their commitment to classic style and quality with artful twists makes their entire shop a charm filled delight.


happy birthday sofie star!

today i am celebrating my dear friend sofie ~ she's a very beautiful, incredibly wise, deeply loving, vivaciously generous woman who has so much positive light & energy glowing thru her that you can't help but feel warmed whenever you're near her. she's one of my best friends, and i couldn't be more grateful for all that she is! happy birthday, dear one, you are so very loved!

my new tiny revolution ~ the results show

so you might be curious . . . . . what is the news? which tiny revolution will we be welcoming into the world in october?
first off let me say, i would have been perfectly happy with either one ~ both boys & girls are equally delightful in my eyes. i was most concerned about being sure the lil' peach was healthy & happy in its little cocoon . . . . . so the best news of all is YES, the wee one is perfectly healthy ~ 5 1/2 inches and 9 ounces of adorably healthy tinyness with an excellent heartbeat & a very cute lil face, if i do say so myself. thanks so much to my amazing supportive network of family & friends for being there {either in person or via speaker phone} in the ultrasound room with me. it made it even more exciting to share in the moment with all of you!
and the answer is: a girl!
and she's already quite the dancer, since at 19 weeks i've been feeling her kick around, especially after tango class. the most delightful thing i've ever experienced, so far! ;o)
but don't let the news cause you to get all pink & frilly on me, because that's just not at all my style ~ and at least until she can choose for herself, it won't be her style either. in fact, so far my favorite inspiration for her space {i won't call it a nursery since it's likely we won't have the luxury of a separate room for that} is this modern nursery set from dwell studios:
so, thanks again everybody for your supportiveness ~ the emails & phone calls & cards have been pure joy, wonderful gems of positive uplift that i can't thank you enough for!


going home

one of my most favorite things to say is "i'm going home" ~ because it's one of my most favorite things to do. this afternoon i'll be flying out for a family-filled fun 4 days . . . . . and i'll be bringing exciting news along with me to share. in a few short hours, thanks to the modern marvel of 3-d ultrasound technology, i'll be able to see my lil' baby-peach again and hopefully, if it isn't too shy, we'll be able to see if it's a boy or a girl. to say that i'm excited is an understatement. ants in the pants doesn't begin to describe it. so much to look forward to wrapped up all in one day!
i wish you all a delightfully delicious memorial day weekend!

3 is a magic number

it's been a very busy week so even though the best highlight happened on monday evening, i'm just now getting a chance to tell you about it. . . . . i had the pleasure of meeting a blogging friend i've been admiring from afar for a long time. let me tell you that it was well worth the wait, and if you can create the magical chance of meeting blogging friends in person you should absolutely do so! all the anticipation was perfectly balanced by the reality i encountered, from the very first greeting hug to the gratitude filled goodbye hug. ms.paris-parfait was visiting san francisco from her fabulous home in paris and tangobaby joined us to create a perfectly inspiring triad for one enchanted evening. we three blogging friends dined on delicious tapas at iluna basque in north beach, and quickly learned that our long distance admiration was not only well founded, but further enhanced by getting to share so much more in person. i was pleasantly surprised to discover there is much more to our connections than we first thought. i was so thoroughly inspired and in awe of these wonderfully talented, inspiringly determined, deep souled women that i've been on cloud nine ever since. three is a magic, lucky number indeed!
tangobaby & ms.paris-parfait have already blogged their eloquent & touching versions of our evening together ~ so please do jump over to get a fuller picture.


nailing it

upholstered furniture with exposed nails is making another comeback ~ bringing an old-world look into the contemporary furnishings movement. nailhead trim is a decorative accent used to embelish upholstered furniture that accentuates the style of the piece. usually seen on arms and rails, it is commonly used with leather-upholstered furniture, particularly leather sofas, chairs and ottomans. nailhead trim dates back to the period of 1560-1643 and the advent of french country style during the reign of louis XIII. the best-known innovation from this period is the os de mouton chair. that piece marked the introduction of nailhead trim as well as upholstered backs and seats with the popular flame stitch pattern. {info found on frenchheritage.com}
{the yusopov sofa, from the raymond waites collection, from laneventure}

{edge nailed ottoman, in the upholstery collection, from baker}

{gibson counter stool from marge carson}

{nailhead-trimmed arm chair, from the atelier collection at bolier}

{the sienna chair from brownstone furniture}

{gallina ottoman from emerson et cie}

{barcelona game chairs from fremarc}

{regis leather bed from mitchell gold & bob williams}

{linwood armchair by suzanne kasler for hickory chair}

{lisbon chair from palecek}

{the visconti storage cabinet found on bunglaow5}


living life by the drop

happy friday! i hope you find a refreshing place to spend some quality time with yourself this weekend ~ relaxing, sipping a tall glass of something juicy, and living a dream.....

{click the photo to jump to this post's soundtrack ~ sorry i haven't figured out how to do this without making you jump to another site.....i'm still on the old school blogger and all the customization you see on this humble lil' blog is via my kindegarten-level html skills}
{photo of a studio in wimbourne, london, found on shootfactory}


heat wave

the bay area is experiencing record breaking heat and i'm loving every mintue of it. i'm in my fave outfit: sundress, sandals, sunscreen {being an irish-finnish girl with freckles i'm fully commited to spf45}. and there's nothing like warm summer nights in may ~ actually, any time i love the warmth, but especially when it's an out of season surprise. it could only be better if we acutally had fireflies on the west coast and if i had a swimming pool to jump into whenever i wanted {sharon & shana ~ are you picking up on this? ;o) }
to celebrate the heat wave i'd much rather be soaking it in by a gorgeous body of water instead of working away at my office. so i've collected a few of my favorite images of places i'm day dreaming about as i watch the thermometer rise.
{infinity pool at alila hotel in ubud}

{beach brellas, taken by mysuite21}

{swimming pool at a villa in umbria, italy}

{azure evening pool at corbis, found on lallou}

{tahitian tropical paradise}

{the ocean view infinity pool of post ranch inn, in big sur california}


produce design

a brooklyn based design firm is rocking my world with their sleek and innovative design solutions ~ produce design is the result of 3 brilliant designers coming together for a common purpose: smart & functional interior architecture and custom furniture.

{one of the best pot racks i've seen ~ a reclaimed timber beam with pot hangers, a ledge for the lids and knife slots ~ i wouldn't be surprised if this became a mass-produced item someday soon, it's just that darn good}

{removable, adjustable, no-frills storage bins ~ perfect for crafters, collectors, chefs & kids}

{urban hip closet storage concept}

{this entry solution in a nyc penthouse is particularly wonderful}

{first saw it on apartment therapy}


monday wish list

some things i'm wishing for this bright sunny monday......
1. a lovely garden with a cute old wooden potting table
2. a green milk glass adjustable height pendant light

3. a porch swing on the inside of my house

4. a spa tub to soak in with an incredible view

5. to continue being myself and living my life with joy, strength, and a sense of awe, no matter what comes my way.

and to balance out the wishes, there's also gratitude to express.... to all the amazing friends, near & far, who are being so supportive and enthusiastic as i embark on a very human journey of unexpected motherhood. yesterday was my first mommy-to-be day, and it was pure joy from beginning to end. and of course i couldn't let a moment pass to appreciate my own amazing mama ~ i truly hope i can be half the inspiring woman that she is.



even inside something that at first seems so fleeting and temporary, if we pay enough attention, we can begin to see incredible possibility, exciting opportunity, breathtaking potentiality.
i hope your weekend gives you chances to stretch your vision, seek deeper, and reach higher.
{photo by comeondimon}


come dance with me

ok fine folks, i told you it was coming ~ and now it's officially here. studio tango vida, the newest and easily most gorgeous tango studio in san francisco has opened its doors for your dancing pleasure. ney melo and jennifer bratt are the proud owners and they are offering classes every day {except sunday} for beginners thru advanced tangueros and even some special lady's technique classes.
they are also selling comme il faut's for the ladies and a custom-made men's tango shoe from italy that they became rep's for after their last trip to italia. the photo just above is ney showing off his amazon-green alligator shoes {that just so happen to match the wall paint color} from the men's line along with his new rug from argentina {he's *very* proud of both!}.
i took two classes last night & will be taking another two tonight. so now i can give you the official report that the fresh, hip space is a delight to be in! the brand new bamboo floors are fabulous for dancing ~ i don't think my pivots & ochos ever felt better. the accoustics are great ~ it's not a huge studio but just roomy enough, and di sarli sounds perfectly enchanting within. it was a warm night, so they kept the front door open to let in the breeze and many passersby stopped to take a look. i'm sure the sights & sounds were just too much to keep from stopping to take some of it in.
after the last dance everyone agreed it was a blessing to be there. also, ney & jennifer shared champagne left after their opening party on sunday, so that certainly helped with the blissful vibes. but, believe me, you won't need bubbly to come alive on this dance floor.
so if you're in the bay area please make a point to stop in for a class soon {ney & jennifer are here for the month of may but they're off to tour in europe for the month of june}
and if you're not in the bay area, now you have an even greater reason to come visit {hint hint, wink wink, mr.you-know-who}