heat wave

the bay area is experiencing record breaking heat and i'm loving every mintue of it. i'm in my fave outfit: sundress, sandals, sunscreen {being an irish-finnish girl with freckles i'm fully commited to spf45}. and there's nothing like warm summer nights in may ~ actually, any time i love the warmth, but especially when it's an out of season surprise. it could only be better if we acutally had fireflies on the west coast and if i had a swimming pool to jump into whenever i wanted {sharon & shana ~ are you picking up on this? ;o) }
to celebrate the heat wave i'd much rather be soaking it in by a gorgeous body of water instead of working away at my office. so i've collected a few of my favorite images of places i'm day dreaming about as i watch the thermometer rise.
{infinity pool at alila hotel in ubud}

{beach brellas, taken by mysuite21}

{swimming pool at a villa in umbria, italy}

{azure evening pool at corbis, found on lallou}

{tahitian tropical paradise}

{the ocean view infinity pool of post ranch inn, in big sur california}


karey m. said...

i'm a big believer that the closer you are to water, the healthier and happier you are.

this post makes me both.

tangobaby said...

Okay, I'll take the infinity pool, but I'm really waiting for the fog to roll in. Like now.

Fog! Fog?! Please come home!

PS. And I love your photos!

studio wellspring said...

i couldn't agree more karey! and i'm glad the post gave you a bit of healthy happiness in your day. isn't blooging wonderful?

studio wellspring said...

oh tangobaby, here is where we diverge. i don't mind a little fog now & then, but i'm certainly not going to help you beckon it back until next november. i'm adoring every minute of this warmer weather.