produce design

a brooklyn based design firm is rocking my world with their sleek and innovative design solutions ~ produce design is the result of 3 brilliant designers coming together for a common purpose: smart & functional interior architecture and custom furniture.

{one of the best pot racks i've seen ~ a reclaimed timber beam with pot hangers, a ledge for the lids and knife slots ~ i wouldn't be surprised if this became a mass-produced item someday soon, it's just that darn good}

{removable, adjustable, no-frills storage bins ~ perfect for crafters, collectors, chefs & kids}

{urban hip closet storage concept}

{this entry solution in a nyc penthouse is particularly wonderful}

{first saw it on apartment therapy}


Yoli said...

Love that entry and the knives!

Chloe said...

the knives scare me a bit but i love how the pots and pans are just hanging there.

studio wellspring said...

glad you enjoyed it yoli ~ that entry is definitely going up on my inspiration board.

studio wellspring said...

hi chloe! good point about the knives ~ i suppose having them up higher like that could cause a bit of a risk if you've got buttery fingers. but it sure looks nice!

d i a n a m u s e said...

I might just have to drive to Brooklyn to check out Produce Design - I really like their knife and pot rack. Thanks for the link to their website. They have a LOT of great products.

studio wellspring said...

hi diana ~ if you go please do report back and let me know what you see & what you think about it. if you could even take some photos that would be fabulous too!