my new tiny revolution ~ the results show

so you might be curious . . . . . what is the news? which tiny revolution will we be welcoming into the world in october?
first off let me say, i would have been perfectly happy with either one ~ both boys & girls are equally delightful in my eyes. i was most concerned about being sure the lil' peach was healthy & happy in its little cocoon . . . . . so the best news of all is YES, the wee one is perfectly healthy ~ 5 1/2 inches and 9 ounces of adorably healthy tinyness with an excellent heartbeat & a very cute lil face, if i do say so myself. thanks so much to my amazing supportive network of family & friends for being there {either in person or via speaker phone} in the ultrasound room with me. it made it even more exciting to share in the moment with all of you!
and the answer is: a girl!
and she's already quite the dancer, since at 19 weeks i've been feeling her kick around, especially after tango class. the most delightful thing i've ever experienced, so far! ;o)
but don't let the news cause you to get all pink & frilly on me, because that's just not at all my style ~ and at least until she can choose for herself, it won't be her style either. in fact, so far my favorite inspiration for her space {i won't call it a nursery since it's likely we won't have the luxury of a separate room for that} is this modern nursery set from dwell studios:
so, thanks again everybody for your supportiveness ~ the emails & phone calls & cards have been pure joy, wonderful gems of positive uplift that i can't thank you enough for!


tangobaby said...

No pink and frilly? Not even a tiny bit?! That is going to be hard for Auntie Tangobaby but I will put down the ruffles if you say so.

I still want to get her the little ruby slippers, if that's okay. I think fancy shoes like Dorothy's could be very good for The Peach's development.

I'm glad she is enjoying the tango classes already!

xoxo to both of you

j said...

auntie tangobaby and auntie jennibean will have quite the dress-up chests for her when she comes to visit. :)

but she'll be beautiful enough not to need to advertise with all that gussiness. her lashes will be lace, and her toes will be bows.

studio wellspring said...

ah, tangobaby, the ruby slippers are a must! i've just never been too fond of pink and i refuse to be limited to that as a motif just because i'm having a girl. but if you wanna dress her up in ruffles & lace, be my guest! ;o)

studio wellspring said...

*j, poetic as always, you make me smile so big {inside & out}! and i'm looking very forward to toinght! ;o)

Relyn said...

Oh, yes! I just love little girls. Boys are precious, of course, but to me, there is nothing like a girl.

In fact, I was adding a Happy Things list to my blog and I asked, "Sloane tell me some things I love." Her first answer: little girls.

According to my mother, there is no blessing like a daughter. Congratulations to you, and to your precious Lil' Peach. Love and kisses to you both.

Calie Anderson said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...you are my first friend to have a girl! Congratulations, I know you are going to make a fabulous mommy. Are you staying in SF?

studio wellspring said...

oh relyn, how adorable you are! i know your beautiful little girl is a treasure to you for many special reasons, which makes me all the more excited that i'll be sharing in your bliss in a few months with a girly-cherub of my own.

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much sweet calie! i'm planning to stay in sf for sures ~ but i will be moving into a new apartment....the hunt will be on in july. ;o)

tangobaby said...

You have to stay!!! You can't take the Peach away from us!!!

We need to find a place for you that has treehouse capabilities. The Peach will need a treehouse, or a playhouse. And a tiny car.

OMG! I can't wait to buy her stuff!

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

Congratulations :)

karey m. said...

oh. covered in chills. i always so hope for more girlies in the world!

and this one's going to be great.

how exciting, right? you're making someone. right. now.


Red Shoes said...

Ms. Wellspring, congratulations, dear. I know she'll have such a gorgeous life with you!

Alex said...

I'm truly happy for you...girls are the best...coming from a very biased dad...

shayna said...

gaw! where have i been? a big huge massive congratulations to you! what amazing news! hope i get to see you and your belly shaking it up soon!



Di Overton said...

Just browsing around early in the morning here and saw your news. Congratulations. We have 4 daughters and one boy all a total joy regardless of the gender. The nicest part is when they become your best friends.
So pleased to hear you had a great time with Tara - she is such a warm and generous person.

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much gypsy girl ~ and what a fabulous blog you have!

omg karey, i know, it's so wild to think my body is a vessel for this miraculous thing called life. it's quite overwhelming at times. and to know it's a SHE....i'm seriously over-joyed!

thanks jax, you won't believe it when you see me again ~ the baby bump is in serious effect. ;o) tango soon?

studio wellspring said...

thanks, dear alex, i know your bias comes with good reason. ;o)

hi shayna ~ so many new things life has brought around.... :o) i'm planning to take jenni's dance workshop ~ any chance you are too? you've just gotta see what 5 months of gestation can do. ;o)

wowsa, di ~ you have 5 children? that is incredible! good for you, what a treasure! and i'm sure you're an encyclopedia of advice & wisdom when it comes to parenthood....lord knows i'll need as much as i can get. 1st timer syndrome! ;o)
and, yes, tara was a ture delight ~ i look very forward to more time with her in july.