my brain sister's very special day

do you have a sister? well i am lucky enough to have two. one is biological {more about her on her special day} and the other is chosen. because we found each other in this lifetime {& perhaps previous ones too} by choices more than birth we call each other brain sisters. and, because our minds are so alike, we are such kindred spirits, the term "best friend" really wasn't adequate. so we made up our own description for our connection: brain sisters! we made this up when we were in middle school, so perhaps today we'd come up with something more eloquent, but i think the nostalgia of it is enough to keep it going for the rest of our lives.
in this stunningly beautiful, magna-cum-laude intelligent, unendingly supportive, creatively blissful woman i have found so much more than i could have ever predicted back when we first met in jazz dance class as pre-teens. even though for much of our lives we've lived in different towns, our connection has never swerved. and i fully believe that is a testament to her ability to grow, and let those she loves grow, without it going apart. . . . just a winding along side sort of growth that holds you through and through. now we are lucky enough to live 2 blocks away and it really is one of the most delightfully satisfying experiences to fulfill such a long-time dream of being able to walk over anytime to borrow sugar, give a surprise bouquet, or just to get a muchly needed hug after a long day.
but when i reflect on what really makes jenni so special in my life it is this:
this woman understands me. all the way. and she still loves me for it.
i can't tell you how awe inspiring this is. plus it’s not just any ol’ average gal we’re talking about here ~ this is an incredibly awesome lady! this is the type of woman who lights up a room every time she enters it, no matter where or when. if you need something, anything, done with the highest attention to detail, the most creativity and perfect punctuality then she is the one to call. if you’re in a deep dark pit of a hole and lost and scared and can’t even muster the concept of how to get out, she’s the type who won’t wait for your call but will recognize immediately what to do for you, and then do it {i still have the happy love notes she left all over my apartment for me to find as i went about my depressing daily grind when i was 22 and my whole life fell devastatingly apart}. she gives excellent advice because she’s very wise and insightful and observant. she is utterly inspiring because she’s so damn smart and creative and good with her hands. oh, and i haven’t even gotten around to describing her dance yet! she has been stunning audiences with her connection to music and graceful strength of movement for decades, and continually pushing herself to reach higher. she shines onstage and off in a way that thoroughly captivates.
sure we’ve changed and shifted over the last 20 years in multitudes of ways but there is a constant thru-line, an inner core of our beings that has remained the same. . . and it’s been witnessed and nurtured by each other. there really is no greater gift than the gift of true mutual understanding because what that really means is unconditional love.
to say i am grateful isn’t enough. to say i am lucky to know her & be in her life isn’t enough. so i’ll just say, i see you jenni robin, and i love you for all that you are today and always.


Mtnhighmama said...

I have one of these; I call her my heart sister. It is a privilege and a blessing to have found such people, no?

tangobaby said...

What a beautiful tribute to Jenni and how wonderful that you share such a magical sisterhood.

j said...

I had the most delightful weekend feeling full and present and delighted to be alive - I hadn't even read your precious words, but I already knew them by heart. I know sometimes we raise a glass or hug hello instead of saying "I love you. I appreciate you. I see you." Thank you for so beautifully articulating it for me to read and feel and recognize. I treasure our friendship, and I treasure you. I see you, too, and yes, I do so love you for all of you. I'm lucky lucky we are brain sisters. Thank you. I love you!

studio wellspring said...

hi mtnhighmama ~ thanks for your comment. heart sister is a great name! i'm so happy to hear you can share in my revelry with such a connection of your own.

studio wellspring said...

thanks tangobaby ~ where would we be without our sweet connections and dear friends?
so thanks for keeping me found!

studio wellspring said...

*j ~ i knew there might be a delay for your viewing, but that just continues your birthday celebrating a bit longer.
oh and the LOVE ..... i'm just beaming from tip to toe over here!
and i can't wait to dance in your workshop tonight ~ go easy on me & my baby bump. ;o)