come dance with me

ok fine folks, i told you it was coming ~ and now it's officially here. studio tango vida, the newest and easily most gorgeous tango studio in san francisco has opened its doors for your dancing pleasure. ney melo and jennifer bratt are the proud owners and they are offering classes every day {except sunday} for beginners thru advanced tangueros and even some special lady's technique classes.
they are also selling comme il faut's for the ladies and a custom-made men's tango shoe from italy that they became rep's for after their last trip to italia. the photo just above is ney showing off his amazon-green alligator shoes {that just so happen to match the wall paint color} from the men's line along with his new rug from argentina {he's *very* proud of both!}.
i took two classes last night & will be taking another two tonight. so now i can give you the official report that the fresh, hip space is a delight to be in! the brand new bamboo floors are fabulous for dancing ~ i don't think my pivots & ochos ever felt better. the accoustics are great ~ it's not a huge studio but just roomy enough, and di sarli sounds perfectly enchanting within. it was a warm night, so they kept the front door open to let in the breeze and many passersby stopped to take a look. i'm sure the sights & sounds were just too much to keep from stopping to take some of it in.
after the last dance everyone agreed it was a blessing to be there. also, ney & jennifer shared champagne left after their opening party on sunday, so that certainly helped with the blissful vibes. but, believe me, you won't need bubbly to come alive on this dance floor.
so if you're in the bay area please make a point to stop in for a class soon {ney & jennifer are here for the month of may but they're off to tour in europe for the month of june}
and if you're not in the bay area, now you have an even greater reason to come visit {hint hint, wink wink, mr.you-know-who}


tangobaby said...

What a great report! I hope Ney and Jennifer read your lovely post. It looks like the perfect place to enjoy tango!

karina said...

Come il faut shoes are from Argentina!!! Where the tango was born!
The do not want their shoes on the web, very common in crazy about copies argentinians.It is said they are the best tango shoes.
Great blog!

studio wellspring said...

thanks darling tangobaby ~ maybe a nice little sunday afternoon milonga would be lovely here, no?

studio wellspring said...

hi & welcome karina ~ yes, yes, comme il faut are from argentina. i'm sorry if the wording was confusing, but i was intending to indicate that the men's shoes {only} are from italy. at any rate, thanks so much for stopping in & commenting ~ i hope you'll continue to do so. ;o)