magical mind mastery

i'm sure most of you have seen a magic show at some point in your lives. but how many of you have been knocked completely senseless by an expert in mentalism?
{for those who are curious: "mentalism is an ancient performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, use mental acuity, cold reading, warm reading, hot reading, principles of stage magic, hypnosis, psychokineses, extra-sensory perception, precognition, clairvoyance or mind control. from wikipedia}
this past friday night i had a magical experience that i just can't help but share with you all. the ever entertaining & beautiful tangobaby took the brilliantly delightful & gorgeous ms.paris-parfait {& her lovely daughter jordanna} and me to see her friend's show: christian cagigal's pandora experiment.i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but i was excited because tangobaby has excellent taste and anything she raves about is sure to be fantastic. and let me tell you, christian's show was beyond incredible. he created a mood of mystery and old-home comfort in a small black-box style theater in which he proceeded to blow us away with his mental gymnastics.his "tricks" aren't just sleight of hand curiosities ~ they are mental adventures with twists and turns that leave you mystified as to how he did it. i don't want to give away too many details because anyone within reasonable distance of the exit theater needs to go see this show asap, but i'm dying to share with you that i got chosen to be a part of the show. somehow either i was able to read his mind or he was able to read mine, but through a series of interesting guessing-games i was shocked silly by what was uncovered. {literally i giggled in spite of myself several times because i couldn't believe what he was doing nor what i was doing under his direction}.
in one scenario i had to close my eyes & select from a group of people holding keys which one held the only key that would unlock the chain around my wrist hanging from the ceiling {no, it's not that kind of show} ~ with eyes closed, i visualized where my key must be, which hand glowed white & drew me to it the most..... and i blindly selected a pregnant woman. to my amazement. and of course the key she held set me free. then, to everyone's continued surprise we discovered that we both have the same due date. pure fascinating coincidence. now that, i know, wasn't part of the show christian had planned but it certainly added to the overall sense of awe everyone was feeling at his mastery of our minds.please go see his show ~ you will not be disappointed. his blog with more info is here, and a trailer for the show is below

{all photos by femme fotographie and were graciously taken from her flickr album}


tangobaby said...

lol! Well you are certainly a mind-reader if not purely magical! I was JUST (and I mean JUST) thinking about the show and how much fun it was and how I want to give Christian a little shout out to help promote it but MOSTLY how COOL it was that you were the little SUPERSTAR of the whole show, and OMG, like you just wrote the whole thing for me, so I'll just link to you, 'cause this is superb.

I still think The Peach played some magical role in the whole thing, but I'm not sure exactly how she was communicating with Christian and telling him secrets.

ps. Thank you for using the photos and the trailer...they look lovely here! I'm always so excited to see them.

tangobaby said...

pss. I just forgot to add how totally FREAKING cool it was about you and the other pregnant lady there. Oh my, my my, that was magnificently fabulously cosmic!

maggafers said...

this is the show we saw!
it was very cool! i could tell you how he does the key thing, but i don't want to ruin your magic....it IS very cool about the same due date! wow!

studio wellspring said...

oh tb, we are so on the same wave-length once again. i'm sure you're right that the peach had something to do with all that telepathy. and thank you for being so friggin' talented!

mags ~ yes i think i have the key trick figured out too actually, but it's the rest of the mind reading stuff that has me totally perplexed.

tangobaby said...

!!! don't tell, don't tell, I don't want to know...la la la, I can't hear you...la la la...

paris parfait said...

It was such a terrific treat - and you were a big part of making the show so magical! It was fabulous watching you have fun in the integral role. Definitely a magical evening! xoxox

Relyn said...

What a wonderful time you always have. I think it is your sunshine self. No magic to it. Christian's show does sound marvelous - mentalism. Oh, I really would love to see it.

studio wellspring said...

tara ~ it was a bit intimidating, as i'm shy by nature and don't like being in front of people. but i'm glad i didn't refuse his invitation to be a part of his story. i'm so glad you were there to share it with me. there's something very auspicious about that, i'm sure of it! ;o)

relyn ~ i think your next big family trip must be to san francisco. we'll take you all to see christian's show so you can see 1st hand just what this magic mentalism is all about. and of course we'll have 100 other fantastic things for you to enjoy as well. what do you say, summer '09?