true beauty never fades

i'm not usually one to post about celebrities {unless they're designers}, but i just couldn't help myself today. first cyd charisse and now dorian leigh ~ two of the most gorgeous women ever have recently bid adieu to the world. . . . but they've left a treasure trove of images and film legacies to remind us what classic, true talent and beauty are all about. these two women are big inspirations to me, even if they are in a completely different league, so i just couldn't let the birthday week end without honoring them as they pass on from this life.


paris parfait said...

On Saturday I was at the very spot where that first photo was taken. Yes, truly two amazing women. xoxox

Sloane Lawson said...

Dear Swellspring,

This is Sloane. I really love this first picture on this post. I think the woman is very pretty, and I like how she is posing by the tree by the river.

I like that we are all doing wordles. I have gotten lots of wordle posts from other people, too. There is a guy from Holland who made one called Calculator that is really cool. You should see it.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It really made me happy. I hope you have a really great week and a great summer. Love, Sloane

studio wellspring said...

oh tara you do live a gorgeous life.

hi sloane ~ and welcome to my swellspring. so glad you stopped by. keep up the greatness on your sweet blog!