color therapy ~ orange crush

{polaroid from sean tubridy}

these grey cold days in san francisco have a way of depressing a sunshine girl like myself. being the pro-active type, i thought i'd try to combat the coldness by gathering some cheery orange images and beaming them out to you. i'm all about adding some brightness to an otherwise dull day ~ hope you enjoy these too!

{top row: room service, lara robby, jay jeffers ~ bottom row: weego home, victoria pearson, kenneth wingard }

{top row: jay jeffers, lara robby, west elm ~ bottom row: victoria pearson, west elm, scott sanders}

{top row: lara robby, scott sanders, lara robby ~ bottom row: west elm, jay jeffers}


tangobaby said...

Now you've made me think of creamsicles...yumm.

That photo of the bike is great. Love the whole collection, actually.

Let's hope the sunshine lasts a while!

studio wellspring said...

tb ~ victoria pearson is a talented photographer....i'm sure you'll enjoy her work a lot too. you can jump over to her portfolio from the link i provided.
isn't it lucky that i posted about warmth and then the sun came out? thank goodness!