chihuly and di sarli at de young

yes, you read that right..... both dale chihuly's glass work and carlos di sarli's tango were found together in one night at the de young museum in san francisco's golden gate park. it was a magical coming together of artistic pleasures. but, before i delve into that evening specifically, this requires some background: i'm sure it's obvious by now that i enjoy tango, but less known is my affection for chihuly & his work. he is from tacoma washington & also attended my alma mater there {univ of puget sound}, so i became well aware of him in those formative college years. his work is on campus and all over town ~ beautiful adornments where ever you find them. and his studios are there too. i find it particularly perfect that so much genius beauty-making comes from a small city placed right on the puget sound.
the puget sound is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. not only on land but below the depths of the sound too ~ the largest concentration of cepholopods in the world are found in the waters {that run so deep the deepest point has yet to be measured}, and phosphorescent water creatures are incredibly prolific here too {full moon kayaking here is divine}.
not to mention the snow capped mountains that surround the emerald forests & vast waterways..... the inspiration for everything creative and contemplative is never ending.
and this is where we connect with tango ~ the creative and contemplative. i've been dancing since i was 4 {i still have my first pair of tap shoes} and have tried many forms of dance from west african to bhangra to ballet and none have evoked such depth of connection as tango. for me it's the perfect blend of feminine and masculine, an exchange of creative surrender and inspired decisiveness, a transfer of energies made more beautiful by mutual understanding and trust. all done to the most evocative of music.on the very same evening as the first ever milonga en el museo, you could also go down stairs and see some of the most extraordinary blown glass ever made. being able to take in the sounds of di sarli and the feelings of tango, while also getting completely absorbed into chihuly's mystical glass wonderland was something so fabulous i couldn't help but try to share it with you here. {many more photos here}

this post wouldn't be complete without a soundtrack to get you in the mood:
{1st photo of puget sound by wild celtic rose. 2nd puget sound photo by canis latrans. all other photos by me}


tangobaby said...

Gorgeous photos of the glass and the milonga, and great writing! Hopefully next time we'll get a little closer to the dance floor. They should have that milonga more often...it's a great space for it.

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much, tangobaby! well we did get very near the dance floor, we just got pulled away by a greater force. next time we won't let that happen. ;o)

Calie Anderson said...

Great post Anjie.

Thanks for the colorful card, it's so nice to receive snail mail :-)

Happy Friday!

studio wellspring said...

hi calie apple-of-my-eye! thank YOU for being so kind & generous. hope you have a fabulous weekend. {p.s. did your man return to you in one piece from the bachelor party?}

tangobaby said...

I know...next time we will know what to expect. Although I'd still probably want to see the glass again if the exhibit is still there.

It's too beautiful to see just once (or twice).