modern gingerbread house

maybe this isn't your grandmother's gingerbread house ~ but it's arguably the coolest gingerbread house design i've seen. it arrives fully assembled, is 100% edible and can be personalized {found at redenvelope}. i might just have to come up with my own version sometime. i love model making {i get to do it for clients every once in a while ~ see some examples here} so it would be a fun challenge to make an edible version. that is, if i had 150 hours of free time to dedicate to such an undertaking. ;o)


vineeta said...

I love all traditional things with a modern twist- what a lovely example! And Yummy too :)
And I enjoyed your modelmakings slideshow- TALENT!!! :)

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much vineeta ~ glad you liked my model-making .... it's so fun to "build" my designs in miniature to get a really good feel for scale & concept before constructiong it for real. unfortunately not all projects have a budget that allows for it, but it's certainly wonderful when they do!

Patricia Gray said...

I love LOVE this updated version of the Gingerbread House. Very clever.
And aren't you clever. Your model making is fantastic!!