art quest

there's a bit of an art mystery going on.... and i need your help.
these interesting coral-like vases keep showing up around me from different sources and now that i'm curious to find out who did them {simply because of the frequency with which they've been appearing} i can't find out a thing.
our office has acquired two {as a gift} and i've asked several people here about them, and even taken the liberty of picking them up and flipping them over to see if there was any info underneath. but i came up with nada.

{a side table in our conference room}

and of course i've searched the entire internet and still can't find out who the artist is or where these pieces come from.
{photo from decorno's blog}

{photo taken by steven randazzo}

so if you know the answer, or have any ideas on where i can get it, please share ~ my curiosity would be ever so grateful!


decorno.blogspot.com said...

I swiped the photo from Decor8. I am sure Holly will know who produces that coral gem.

Good luck!

Patricia Gray said...

They are soooo familar, but I can't place them. Quite a mystery.
Hope someone can help out.

vineeta said...

I was about to suggest checking with Holly myself- Beautiful stuff! I loved the orange chair in the last visual.

studio wellspring said...

thanks for all your lovely advices ladies! mystery solved. phew! ;o)