holiday cheer tour

{a christmas tree in paris suggests an upward glance}

{grafton street in dublin ireland, all dressed up for the holidays}

{rathaus christmas market in vienna austria}

{holiday outdoor market in lugano switzerland with sparkle showers}
{holiday shopping in old quebec canada ~ is this 1895 or 1995?}


tangobaby said...

More confirmation that you have the prettiest blog in the world. What great photos to get you in the mood!

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous photos!

paris parfait said...

P.S. The first one, in Paris, is at Galeries Lafayette.

studio wellspring said...

thank you ever so much, tangobaby, as always you are too kind {& i hope you never stop}. ;o)

thanks for the additional info, tara ~ the galeries lafayette is absolutely fabulous. and since i am not traveling internationally this year {but have a serious travel bug right now}, i thought i'd collect a few images of how the holidays are sparkling in a few other areas of the world.

vineeta said...

Happiness & light all around! Beautiful!