art quest resolved!

the ever researching ms.90/10 rule sent me a link to the lekker home website where this exact vase is for sale. it says nothing about the artist, but it does say the vase is imported from amsterdam.
so i searched in the netherlands and found this:

a very similar coral vase in a high gloss steel-silver on the interesting site dutch by design. this vase was designed by norman trapman and is so similar to the larger white version i figured it must be the same designer.

i found norman trapman's work in several places:

{here is an even more similar vase being sold at design-ws}

{an interesting log stump vase found on it's-knot-wood}

{this 9-bottle vase found on a uk site compare-store-prices}

and finally it all came together on a netherlands based site called galeries ~ hark! i present to you the tulpenvaas by norman trapman:

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