festive table setting ideas

ahh, the holiday table setting ~ so many creative options to choose from. you can go all out and transform your dining area into a whole new scene, or leave it simple and plain so the guests are the sparkling treasures around the table. my family goes more towards the latter, but for some fun fantasizing i thought i'd share these really interesting {slightly over the top, some might say} table setting ideas:

{kelly keiser used a salvaged door to create a larger table setting. i really like the back-drop ~ reminiscent of snow flurries}

{winter solstice setting by gil mendez ~ the well lit white-painted bramble branches look great with a ring of white roses around them}

{barbara ashfield and dave hansen used flokati, normally used as an area rug, under settings with natural wood chargers & glass placemats. certainly this is just for show beacause red wine drips, cranberry sauce spills, and bread crumbs covered in butter would be death to this table covering. plus i personally think it might feel really weird to eat off an animal pelt. i'm not a vegetarian, but still.....}

{a table setting designed by walker zanger ~ that's their lovely tile work in the background too. i could do without the oddly placed ram's head on the wall, but i really like that they put all the utensils on the right side ~ a nice twist}

{lawanna cathleen desgined this table with mossy sod as the placemats....it looks good from afar but i don't think it would be all that pleasant to actually eat off of. this too is just for show, wouldn't you say?}

{simon pearce and liz ross used sheets of pebbles on mesh backings {actually for tiling floors & walls} for the table cloth in their nearly all white setting. and are those heath ceramics wares i spy? very nice.}

{lizette bruckstein and karen mcmullen designed this earthy elegance setting. it might not be all that comfy to sit on a stump through an entire meal, but it really looks nice none-the-less}

{all photos from sf gate}


SimonPearce07 said...

Thank you for your appreciation of the Simon Pearce table setting presented at San Francisco's Dining By Design event.
This was a great occasion to give design enthusiasts a sneak preview of our Spring '08 introductions of hand blown glass and handmade pottery designs: the Barre Line. What you actually spied is not Heath Ceramics, but the Simon Pearce Barre Dinnerware in Alabaster glaze. Barre will be revealed to the public early Spring 2008.

paris parfait said...

Just gorgeous - the trick would be choosing just one!

studio wellspring said...

welcome simon pearce! so glad you stopped by and let us know more about your table setting. your work is gorgeous! and i will certainly be dedicating a blog post to your lovely barre line. very wonderful ceramics indeed.

yes, tara, i think it would be nice to pull favorite elements from each one and tailor it your own setting ~ ahh, i wish i had such time & resources this year. ;o)

rochambeau said...

Beautiful. All unique and special. The moss table inspires!