bask in the wallpaper glow

dutch designer jonas samson uses a new technology to create light emitting wallpaper ~ it's now possible to use a two-dimentional flat surface as light source instead of just a 3d object. brilliant!
the wallpaper's patterns consist of embedded led's..... one can turn off the lighting, making the wallpaper a standard wall ornament, or have it turned on and enjoy the transition of multiple patterns. when the lights within the wallpaper are in the 'off' position, the wallpaper is indistinguishable from any other wall covering surface, and when they are in the 'on' position the wall emits a nice glow that can illuminate a small room.
in his designs, samson explores the utility, art and craft of turning conventional items into works of high tech design. the light-emitting wallpaper demonstrates his skills, which are quite unique ~ integrating highly advanced technologies with creative design.


Bhavna said...

Oh...so beautiful and such a great idea! I love all these design-tech-brainy people :-)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

wow, that is an intense idea. I wonder if it is at all affordable.

paris parfait said...

Wow! That is just fabulous! I love to see how high-tech can affect design.

studio wellspring said...

bhavna ~ i know, aren't they so amazingly inspiring?!?!

maryam ~ i think it is not....prices quoted by project only. still, i'm sure it's not too far out of range for high-end projects where that extra special effect is needed. i'd love to see it installed somewhere, so i'll keep my eye out for it.

tara ~ when the hi-tech & interior design merge is when i get all giddy for sure!

vineeta said...

What a fantastic ambience it will create! Amazing idea. And Im never worried about the expense- cause if its a great idea it will survive & spread like happiness and maybe not now, but a few yrs down the line will become fairly affordable- the important thing is- its gotten executed and can now multiply :)