chance of showers

those who know me fairly well understand my crush for umbrellas {case in point, teri sending me this tip}. alas, last thursday i missed an incredible showing of umbrellas and a benefit for 826-seattle at the design commission in seattle. but luckily tons of photos of the beauties have been shared on flickr.
it featured over 25 decorated and artistically transformed umbrellas from artists, designers and architects across the country ~ the remaining umbrellas are still up for auction on ebay. all proceeds from the auction benefit 826-seattle {a wonderful non-profit dedicated to helping youth with writing skills of all types}.
please jump here to see a time lapse video of the opening night ~ it's the next best thing to being there!

{all photos with gratitude from the design commission flickr set}


nunu pepe' said...

Hello :) Thank you for your visit to my blog and listing me in your blogroll I am delighted. I am glad you liked that post I wrote it because I am actually a very "deep" person and over the past few years I could not justify why Interiors & Product design got so much of my attention. After much thought on the subject I realised that there is a purpose on deeper level and if you approach each job with that attitude you will find a GREATER work satisfaction. :)will visit again.

Anonymous said...

As another umbrella fanatic, this post had me wishing I lived in Seattle. Gorgeous stuff.

studio wellspring said...

welcome nunu pepe & masala chai! so nice of you stop in and leave sweet comments.

vineeta said...

wow. I loved the shimmery blue and all the black and white umbrellas- especially the ones with handwritten stuff on it. Beautiful!