2 birthdays 1 day

one of my dearest friends from back in under-grad days {univ of puget sound} was born on this day. she is kind-hearted, genuine, wise, supportive, and charmingly humble ~ really the best friend a girl could ever ask for. we studied international politics & economics together into the wee hours, we lived at the infamous 1904 together, we have shared the depths of life's experiences, we've gotten lost on the streets of venice, we've spent days on end together & months without seeng each other, never shifting our level of enchantment of being in each other's presence. i'm so honored and elated today to celebrate her.

{she's 8 mo's pregnant so i just had to share this adorable photo of her}

and it is also the fabulous jon sung-hero's birthday today. this fine gentleman is super-smart, witty, thoughtful, creative, up-beat, has excellent manners and is always a joy to spend time with. plus he writes the dogblog! and that made him famous. for very good reasons. please spend some time checking it out to see why. thanks for adding hilarity, robotics, cool dogs, fun games {like telephone-pictionary & cardboard fortress battle wars}, superheroes, good hugs, and extremely delicious applesauce to my life jon ~ today i celebrate yours! {be sure to ask him about that green lantern ring}


vineeta said...

:) This post had me grinning ear to ear! Its just so happy making to see someone celebrate lifes beautiful gifts- our friends- with SO much heart! may both yr friends have a ROCKING year!

studio wellspring said...

you're so kind vineeta!