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the big chill has come to san francisco this week, and it has me wishing i could sit by a fire all day & fall asleep near one at night. so it got me to thinking: what options are there for fixing-up or making old fireplaces functional again without calling in a mason? or what if you don't have a chimney & your landlord or city building dept won't let you install one, but you really want a fireplace inside your house? some idea sparks below......

(spark-fires has invented several fire containers to warm your hands or toes by. the ones above are vent free "fire ribbon" design. this modern fireplace offers the clean, simple look of a straight ribbon of fire. this unit offers tremendous installation flexibility as well since no chimney or flue is needed.
how they work: vent free fireplaces are designed to produce a very hot flame that results in nearly complete fuel combustion, almost eliminating any carbon monoxide or soot. these fireplaces are equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor, which is a safety device that monitors air quality in the room.
vent free fireplaces have been approved for use in the u.s. since the 1960’s. heating at 34,000 btu's while reaching efficiencies over 90%, this fireplace is a great balance of form and function.)

(tired of the hassle and mess associated with wood burning fireplaces? looking for a modern alternative to the traditional brick fireplace? spark-fires' fire bowl is designed to convert an existing wood-burning masonry fireplace into your dream come true. in the past, the only option for converting wood burning fireplaces to gas was "fake logs". at best they look like a half burnt fire. definitely not attractive in the off-season, with charred fake logs being the constant image. according to spark-fires, the fire bowl is very easy to install ~ and it would instantly revitalize the look of an existing masonry fireplace.)

(looking for something stylish to warm yourself with this winter? the riviera fireplace by dutch designer jort mercuur is definitely worth checking out. this innovative piece takes fire right "out of the box" to create a warm and highly contemporary addition to your living space. designed for use inside the home and out. sold by safretti in the netherlands.)

(and, lastly, if the real flame is too big of a commitment and you just wanna let your imagination do all the work: sofia antonovich in paris -of les invasions ephemeres mentioned in the wall decor post yesterday- has designed an adorable fireplace wall decal!)

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