retreat of the week ~ pirate's bay house

having been on vacation for the last week, i'm easing into real life by showcasing my favorite vacation home. stuart tanner architects' pirates bay house is a small coastal retreat near eaglehawk neck on tasmania's tasman peninsula. this incredible piece of architecture deserves showcasing because it combines so many things i appreciate & aspire to in residential living: contemporary design, steel framed construction, maximizing natural light, incorporating the natural environment while maintaining comfort & style, minimalist approach to architecture & interior design, and the coastal location {i'm always dreaming of building a house near the ocean}. although this is a small home intended for vacationing, i think with a few additions or modifications the plan could be adjusted to accommodate full time living.

here's what the architects had to say about the house:
The Pirates Bay House investigates our coastal margin and how our buildings might inform us about the true experience of our island’s landscape edge. Considerable time and thought was devoted to refining the structure and simplifying plan. Similar to suspension bridge technology, the concept affords a ten meter suspended cantilever that invites a projected experience through the trees toward the ocean. Conceived as a platform from which to observe the breath-taking grandeur if Pirates Bat, it additionally pays homage to the eucalypt forest that fringes the site. Approach to the building is largely dominated by structure but once inside perception shifts to that of the landscape as a predominantly transparent main space reveals both intimate and distant views. Moonlight floods interior spaces at night. Native birds and wildlife in the surrounding trees interact with occupants and living is constantly orchestrated in sight and sound by the ever changing ocean.

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