i'm bringing quilting back

ok, so * i * am not bringing quilting back, per se, but i love the art form & want to give it some serious attention today. my mom is a quilter ~ she always has at least 2 going at any given time. {note to self - must get photos of mom's quilts.} over the last few years, i've been picking up on the quilting craft too. it takes time & skill, but is worth the effort when you're finished. i'll post my latest project when it's complete ~ hopefully before 2007. i really like the community it can create if done in a group & in contrast to our hi-techie, fast-pace world i appreciate the simplicity of this craft. i also am very attracted to the new wave of modern quilts: integrating untraditional fabrics & shapes with the old school craftsmanship. so, i listen to my ipod while i sew away on my little 3x3 velvet & satin squares. i'm all about making quilting hip! and in the posts below you'll see how it's done.
{for the new generation of quilters}

{hip to piece squares - a nice little site by a modern quilter}

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