some brilliant ideas to personalize your walls & inspire those blank palletes to come alive
{the french really have the lead on the wall decals craze. les louisettes, domestic, colette, and les invasions ephemeres are some of the headliners. and then there's blik, a surface graphics company in venice, ca . there are as many styles & types of self-adhesive wall stickers as you can imagine, so you can customize a scene/pattern on your wall without ever pulling out the paints & drop cloths}

{another wall decal honorable mention: a company called vynil from sweden offers a line of "non repetitive wall papers" you can put up however you desire. this one, called bubble designed by matali crasset, is a series of circles you can pull apart and overlap at will or cut apart to create random lines & patterns}

{phillip jefferies now offers metalic wall coverings in their japanese line. to produce these japanese wallpapers, metal leaf is hand-placed on dimensionally stable backing paper, laminated, and hung to cure. gold-on-gray shanghai, silver-on-gray vegas, gold-on-red hong kong, gold rio de janeiro, copper cairo, and silver-pewter lisbon are all 37 inches wide, sold in 8-yard bolts}

{graham & brown's new line called frames ~ if the kids (in you) are itching to scribble on the walls, why not impose a little structure on their art? created by british artists craig wood and chris taylor, the paper-and-vinyl-blend "frames" brings interactive fun to children's interiors ~ and, who knows?, maybe a bit of whimsy to grownup ones, too}

{osborne & little is filled with gorgeous wall coverings & fabrics. their creative patterns department is awesome. this line called "vintage" is particularly fabulous - the headiness of the sixties returns with vintage allure today}

{you've heard of magentic paint, but what about magentic wall panels with hugely creative magnets? can be placed on accent walls or even in the bath. found at magscapes}


j said...

i don't know about you, but i'm bringing wallpaper back.

Zoe said...

I love the osborne & little vintage wallpaper...that gold one is lush!