reds in the bath

(a little design company in italy called regia creates these incredible, sleek, vibrant bathroom wall units. this one is called red jukebox. )

(haut diverter by kallista - this little jewel is grand enough to inspire an entire bathroom design around it)

(cast resin sink from sander products - i'm learning to design with cast resin & their work has helped me quite a bit. i love the off-center sink & the way light filters thru the countertop)

(gorgeous red tiles & carrera pedestal sinks - i love the contrast & energy of this bath. i do not know who designed it nor who's products were used. i've had this photo for quite a while, admiring it. so we'll just have to enjoy it for what it is & hope the designer & vendors understand)

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j said...

i love the tiles in the last photo. red in the bath is sexy!