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if you rent & wonder what can be done to hide or enhance your floor; if you want something new & hip on your floor; if you wish your floors were more subtle & urban-contempo......this post is for you.
{the effervescent rug from top-floor in london ~ evoking stepping stones, the sculpted-pile rounds rise more than 1/2 inch above the dark background. trompe l'oeil color gradations in the wool further enhance the three-dimensional effect. the rugs, made in nepal, can be ordered in many lovely colors}

{apply "tractionback" to any milliken modular carpet, tamp it down, and ~ voilà ~ the carpet is installed. what's more, it can be easily pulled up again. the absence of messy adhesives eliminates one of the most serious environmental issues related to floor coverings: indoor air quality. the all-renewable, recyclable backing contributes to peace of mind for the eco-minded}

{bev hisey designs gorgeous stuff - this is one of my favorite patterns found there, "folk". the genius in it is this: the rug has matching floor pillows all intended to coordinate & create a cozy comfy space in any area of your home}

{these are but 3 examples of the incredible inventory created by chilewich - a new york based flooring company. they created the product "plynyl"..... plynyl = innovative vinyl floor coverings invented as alternatives to traditional flooring. available in w2w, tile and shag in a variety of patterns & shades}

{3 fun & cheery rugs - audrey rug by modern rugs, bubbly swirls rug by liora manne, and kiwi rug by geba rugs}

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holly said...

i love this selection of carpets! this is what we need in our home and your links are helping me with beautiful ideas!