perfect day for clodagh

it's a gray, drizzly, blustery fall monday in san francisco so i thought showing clodagh would be the perfect way to warm the senses today. she's one of the designers who inspired me to pursue my big dreams in interior architecture. she's an irish-born designer who creates environments as “art to live in”. her trademark is an inventive and sensitive use of materials. her highest skill is how she emphasizes the unexpected, exploits the natural aging process to ensure low maintenance, and follows the concept of "total design” (also the title of a book she wrote that i've read many times). for her, design and life involve all of the senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, taste; and all the elements: earth, water, fire, and air.
(the bedroom i wish i was lounging in all day today ~ it's subtle, soft, contemporary, artistic, comfortable, well balanced & spacious)

(fish tank on the right brings life to the room & chain mail curtain on the left divides dining from kitchen)

(what she does so well ~ layer textures & surprise you with special color & placement)

(pinhole stairs - detail on left side, looking up the well on right side)

(peek thru driftwood sculpture at dining room, sheer purple panels in doorway beyond)

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