friday fete

fridays are for celebrating, and in that spirit i'd like to showcase some ultra fabulous items to use when hosting guests.....or just when you want to entertain yourself!

(incredible patterns on plates, utensils, cake stands, cups, bowls - all designed by jackie shapiro for french bull. there's one for every temperment and circumstance)

(the "feel good chiller" ~ pretty much the ultimate in ice cooler design. made of resin & aluminium, it has a built-in led lighting system. that's right, it chills champaign & provides mood lighting! what's more: the system has a beautiful remote control which offers 20 pre-programmed light settings to make sure the color of the chiller is always adapted to the desired ambiance! because the led’s do not produce external heat and the chiller has two walls, the contents will remain at the right cool temperature longer. designed & made by dutch designers extraordinaire at feel good products in the netherlands)

(inspiring italian designers at nobody & company have brought together two great things: a dharma practice tool & eating pudding! "il buddino" pudding mold cups - they go in the fridge, in the freezer & in the dishwasher, but not in the oven. i think they might be great for jell-o too! )

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Rebecca G said...

i <3 your blog! i want all of it. until then. it's fun to look at. like Cool Hunting, but better- cause Anjie picked it!