in the beginning

(viking appliances, custom backsplash designed with slate tiles, glass 2x2 tiles, & metal tile border)

(in same kitchen as above: absolute black honed countertop detail at sink, with custom cherry cabinetry & slate tile backsplash)

(custom dining nook for young couple in a small home, & new red door at entry way beyond)

being a blossoming interior designer who feels ready to start sharing in a more open forum, (more open forum than the portfolios and albums and boxes of stuff i've been keeping in my closets), i am embarking on a new ambition ~ blogging! i've thought a lot about how to begin and i keep coming back to this idea that i should show a little of who i am before filling these pages with others. so, i'd like to start by displaying some of the design work i've done. eventually this will primarly be a place for showing off things other people have created that i find intriguing or inspiring. but i think this is a good place to begin.

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