wild side

i have this thing for animal print as a subtle accent, not as an overwhleming theme, in interiors. my collection of favorite products that correspond to this motif are the focus for this friday's submission.
{this room by edelman leathers shows off their cowhide "4-square cubes". available on stationary legs or a recessed swivel base. the design is classic, and with your choice of any of edelman's leathers you can customize them to fit in any environment. i must confess, i chose this photo for the brown & white fur-on, cowhide upholstery ~ ce magnifique!}

{just to show what extent edelman leather's skills can go to ~ a custom elevator for bmc software in houston texas is "upholstered" in their black & white fur-on cowhide. at this scale, it's more like an art installation}

{a fabulous company called extremis, who specializes in contemporary outdoor furniture & accessories, has a line called "dolly" using genuine sheepskin for unique purposes.
the dollypop: a sheepskin & neoprene bottle cover. for white wine & champagne only.
the picnik: made from a massive plate of aluminium, this table-&-seats-in-one behaves like a functional piece of art. its simplicity in design and its contemporary colors make it perfect for the urban 'bourgeois-bohemian'}

{the "icecube" is also brought to you by extremis ~ it's made from polyethylene, has an integrated 2-bulb light system, and has an optional seat in faux cowhide. great for indoor or outdoor use}

{madison leathers makes these interesting & sophisticated multi-hide rugs in their natural hair hides collection. expert hand sewing in italy adds a topstitched accent to the finished patchwork for floors—though i'm sure the pieces are equally at home on walls}
{popcow's lilac colored "super zebra" rug is dyed hair-on cowhide from argentina. silk-screening animal prints on specially tanned cow fur produces an unendangered species that is supple enough for upholstery}

{john boyd textiles, a british manufacturer, keeps alive the centuries-old tradition of weaving horsehair, using a process that dates back to 1837. the bench, wall covering panels, and decorative cubes shown above are all part of their product offerings}

{because it's friday, i couldn't resist a little fun in the posting.....wowbow's limited-edition "mija" bed. customized by leather designer bill amberg, the clear acrylic frame is partially wrapped in calfskin. when four-legged friends get dog-tired, they can snooze on a mattress covered in fuzzy sheepskin. oooo-la-la!}

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