treasure chest of tiles

just because it's a tile doesn't mean it has to be ceramic & square. there are so many incredible options it was difficult to narrow it to just one posting, but here is a sampling from my treasure chest collection of "tiles":
(globus cork is a leading cork tile provider & their "knocout tiles" are a wonderful addition to their product offerings. made in america from portuguese cork, you can order the field tiles (which have routed holes) and the central medallions separately, in 36 earthy tones for a vast array of color combinations. for floors, walls, or even ceilings.)

(12"x12" resin tiles with your choice of colored rocks embedded within ~ the tiles are flat & smooth but give the visual impression of texture. the natural color variations within each tile offer an organic contrast to the ultra-contemporary resin functionality. a part of the magna mosaic collection at architectural systems.)

(the six patterns in erin adams' facet series offer mesh-mounted glass mosaics for use on walls, countertops, and floors. "vine with bird" is just a single example of the line's custom capabilities. possible motifs and colors are limited mainly by the laws of physics and your imagination.)

(birger juell's cobble block flooring is fabricated from antique beams, sliced cross-grain, sanded & triple oiled. shown above is "tree rounds" made from oak, sizes within it vary from 6" to 10" rounds. cobbleblock flooring is also available in pine & comes in 5 other unique patterns.)

(freeform decorative metal mosaic tiles by solistone are a great way to add shine & texture to your space. these durable mosaics are composed of stainless steel or titanium plating, ensuring they will maintain their brilliance and luster inside or outside your home.)

(the neoglass collection of mesh-mounted mosaic tiles found at sicis italia is quite adaptable, thanks to a choice of 3 shapes: oval "domes," penny tiles the company calls "barrels," and traditional squares referred to as "cubes." the translucent, opalescent tiles come in 10 colors for floors or walls and can be backlit.)

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