screen scheme

(andrew tey designed the eileen screen found at places & spaces ~ multi-panelled aluminum screen is contemporary in style & function. the various panels pivot, articulate and fold up. made of anodized aluminum sheets with steel fittings in either silver, gold or black.)

(inhabitat's hanging slats - while thoroughly modern - bring coziness, individuality, and warmth to the mix. they come in a wide array of prints and colors to suit your style. you can use them as wall hangings or as soft room dividers. they allow natural light through during the day while providing privacy in the evening)

(the flipper screen by material furniture is both nice looking and easily fulfills the basic needs of a screen: it's easily moved around to divide a room's space or shroud an area in extra privacy. there's more beauty than meets the eye, though, because the screen's unique circular cutouts hinge to "flip out" on a secure locking mechanism, providing stable extra shelving and an engaging view along the way.)

(the tetrad by bravespace ~ it works just like the game: reversible and interchangeable, these sturdy blocks will provide for endless stacking configurations for displaying art, books, and framing empty spaces.)

(perfect punctuation for a room, this felt folding screen is riddled with cutouts in the shapes of commas, asterisks, and exclamation points. the "feel-thru", as it's called, attaches to ceiling rails for greater mobility. made by abr produccion in barcelona)

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