the recent monsoons of the bay area have created a bath au naturalle for much of the city. so i figured if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
{to experience the sensation of bathing in a babbling brook or a rushing waterfall (only warmer & while indoors!), try the riverbath whirlpool by kohler. four riverjets vary the water's intensity; eight flexjets maintain a constant undercurrent ~ ahhh....}
{supple stainless-steel sheeting is hand-fabricated to create the silky curves of this deep and inviting japanese soaking bath. the tub, which includes a comfortable bench, is also available in copper, and in several sizes. through davis + warshow}
{jacuzzi's allusion salon spa tub combines whirlpool and air-channel experiences and has a sleek contemporary look. fyi: jacuzzi = kleenex. kleenex is a brand of tissue, jacuzzi is a brand of whirlpool tubs; & both pronouns have somewhat transformed into nouns over the years}
{axel vervoordt's serene indoor pool has a rustic & comforting appeal that invites you in on the coldest days, while still maintaining relationship with the outdoors}
{the julien bathroom suite by troy adams design is truly a meditation on teak and stainless steel. the colleciton includes a soaking tub, a foot-soaking tub, a stepped storage unit and a freestanding vanity}

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the 90/10 rule said...

what a perfect post for the weather we're having. re the stainless steel japanese soaking bath: yes please.