diy holiday projects

i aspire to many things, and a do-it-yourself arts-n-crafter is near the top of my list. but, i never seem to have enough time to make all the things i imagine i could. so here's a posting all about the holiday decor i'd be making if only i had an 8th day of the week set aside just for creating & making things. maybe it'll inspire you in my stead?

(urban tree idea ~ it's a wooden ladder all decked out! i love this and would love to set one up in my dad's new woodworking shop. maybe next year?)

(these are simple wooden frames, painted with fun paints, with neat-o extra large letter stickers placed on the glass, to spell out whatever you wish. you can add embellishments with ribbons, sequins, bells, buttons, etc)

(got twigs in your yard? collect them up, trim them down to the right sizes, and stack them into tree shapes. hold them in place with your handy-dandy hot glue gun. rustic and simple...and practically free!)

(and what to do with all those fabric scraps when quilts just seem way too ambitious? cut them into various sized squares with pinking sheers, glue them into a conical stack with a hot glue gun, top it off with a cute jingle bell and place the stack on a pre-made box for stability.)

(doodlebug is a fantastic site for tons of fun sequins, stickers, buttons, paper, ribbons, etc. this image is from their home page & shows what you can make with their offerings if you've got tons of free time & imagination!)

(so this project requires you to buy the stand and candle holder top, found at iron accents, but once you have those in hand there's no limit to the possibilities for how to use them. any season offers tons of options for the center piece of these taper holders)

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