cool casa candy

a nice mixture of treats for accents in your home or as gifting ideas. 'tis the season!

(diy ice scultpure found at urban outfitters ~ just fill it up with water through the handy hole, freeze, unclip the mold and pop out the bird! create a winter wonderland for you & loved ones for only $20)

(the rosendahl wine tube made of brushed aluminum ~ elegant & smart storage for wine! the bottles and their labels form an integral part of the design piece. this is in contrast to more traditional wine racks where only the necks of the wine bottles are visible. the exposure of the label makes it easy to get an overview of your wine collection. i saw this in several places but the best price was just under $100 at http://www.totalhomestore.com/)

(recycled aluminum bark vases ~ these capture the delicacy of birch bark with its rich texture and intricate veins. irregular holes are intentionally placed high on the sides to insert cut leaves or branches for display. just over $100 at http://www.vivaterra.com)

(dual function aquarium/vase called "o" by salviati (swoon!) found at 5.5 designers starting at $500. the idea is great though & i think you could recreate with 2 clear vessels from crate & barrell for much less moolah.)

(edible art pieces by erin adams design ~ fused chocolate candies are sweet beauties. www.erinadamsdesign.com)

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