minale maeda

minale maeda is a design studio formed by mario minale and kuniko maeda in rotterdam, netherlands. their ingenius designs & flirty style are really quite charming.

(place setting: place mat, plate & cutlery with matching pattern)

(a perfect set-up: painted wood table, plates, napkins & cutlery all with matching pattern. like a lovely camouflage)

(this is a paper napkin ~ that's right, 100% disposable. this reminds me of the buddhist lesson in the art of detachment.)

(your eyes do not deceive you, the pattern on the toast matches the delft pattern on the plate. martha stewart: feast on this!)

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chandra said...

Hi Anjiejoon,

i am commenting on the last of your posts to tell you that i have read/ seen all that has been posted above.

you have a very keen 'eye' and very refined tastes.

may i invite you to visit me :


warm wishes