cabin fever

i now have three great books on cabins, but they weren't my only catalyst for this post. my holiday stay in oregon was at my parent's "cabin". i call it a cabin because that's what it feels like to me, even though it's their full-time home. they bought it last winter & down-sized from a 3-story custom home my dad built in 1992, to a single-story humble home built in 1905. it sits amongst hills of trees, has a creek running through the side yard and no neighbors can be seen from any where around the house. it's been renovated several times over the years and is ripe for some more, but my parents are adding their own special touches all over. they surprised their designer-daughter with new tile floors & removing a wall between the dining & living rooms, and not telling me before i got there. i was thrilled with their choices ~ it looks so great!
some featured cabin faves:

(chicken point cabin by tom kundig in northern idaho. concrete block, steel, & plywood, with a 30x20 window-wall)

(taylor smyth's pre-fab, green-roofed cabin in ontario. 3 walls of glass covered by slats of cedar siding.)

(david vandervort's magnolia cabin in washington)

(the delta shelter by tom kundig, in washington. a steel box on stilts, with only a 20x20 footprint, can be completely shuttered when the owner is away.)

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