take your time

you have until feb 24th to go to sfmoma, or you'll miss it. and please take my advice, if you haven't yet experienced it, please do.
a genius artist named olafur eliasson has taken over the 5th {and part fo the 2nd} floor at the sfmoma with his incredible works entitled take your time. to quote the sfmoma:
"widely heralded as one of the most important artists of his generation, olafur eliasson nimbly merges art, science, and natural phenomena to create extraordinary multisensory experiences. challenging the passive nature of traditional art-viewing, he engages the observer as an active participant, using tangible elements such as temperature, moisture, aroma, and light to generate physical sensations."
in other words, it's an amazing exhibit not to be missed.
as a teaser, here is a small blog dedicated to the exhibit. and here is mr.eliasson's own website.

{top 3 photos are from the sfmoma blog. last photos taken by jendita in a room where all colors except yellow were removed. it makes you feel like everyone is on a movie or something. kind of glamorous & kind of bizarre at the same time. }


tangobaby said...

Wow. That looks really cool. I will definitely try to go...I'm just sorry I couldn't make it with you.

studio wellspring said...

i so wish you could have joined us too! i really think you & your beau would enjoy it a lot. my advice ~ go straight to the 5th floor and take it all in first before checking out any of the rest of the museum, so you don't get too fatigued.

paris parfait said...

Oh I wish I could get there before it disappears! It looks like a fabulous exhibit.

studio wellspring said...

tara ~ i'm sure you'd really enjoy it too. try to keep his name in mind in case his work comes through your neck of the woods sometime.

acaligurl said...

oooh i have been hearing terrific things about this exhibit. can't wait to see it.

studio wellspring said...

please do let us know, acaligurl, if you go and what you think about it. i'm pretty sure the dark room of mist was my favorite part. oh and wouldn't it be wonderful to have something like that in your bathroom?? oooo la la!