good design + smart materials = yes

i just came upon a wonderful online shop full of fabulous objects for conscientious living: matteria
their criteria for product selection pretty much says it all: charming functional design ~ low or no toxicity ~ imaginative reuse of reclaimed materials ~ materials from renewable sources ~ recycled / recyclable ~ organic ~ biodegradable ~ sustainably grown ~ energy efficient ~ ethically produced.
what a relief to shop for things with such positive awareness.


maggafers said...

logs! * heart *

Chloe said...

thanks for the link. what a great shop. my favourite item is the sunjar, amazing!

nunu pepe' said...

Excellent post! I think once people see that you can be stylish & creative and still be green there will be no stopping the green movement.

studio wellspring said...

we gotta get some, maggafers!

chloe ~ i plan on doing a post for the sunjar all on its own as summer gets closer. it's so lovely!

nunu ~ you're absolutely right....and it's closer than ya might think {at least here on the u.s. west coast it's catching like wild-fire}

vineeta said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that log pendrive! The cushions look amazing too. What a fantastic place- its great to read about people who are doing the right thing- creatively.