felicidade das cores

{cores do silencio ~ colors of silence}

{sonho ~ dream}

{busca ~ the search}

the happiness of color was in my inbox this morning and it just felt right to share it here. it was a very nice wake-up call. i've been away visiting my family in arkansas for the last 5 days, on a bittersweet trip to say goodbye to my grandma who is on the verge of passing away. seeing these paintings somehow brightened my outlook. they are by brazilian artisit jucivaldo tavares ~ an emerging talent from salvador, bahia. these images were sent by a friend who has them on display at his studio, la pista, in san francisco. jucivaldo tavares' colorful, sensuous, warm, rhythmic, abstract oil paintings overflow with life.
vida. it is a mystery, filled with constrasts, and most appreciated at the beginning & the end.
here's to finding more happiness, more simple pleasures, where ever we can along the way. today i am finding mine in color. just the enticing experience of seeing a color and observing my internal reaction to it. simple, honest, happy, real. it doesn't get much better than that.


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

These are beautiful paintings Anjie. The passing of loved ones can be hard. I wish you and your family the best as you go through these bittersweet times. XOXO Calie

acaligurl said...

i really like the yellow painting. it cheerful.
glad you could say goodbye to your grandma.
my great grandma was my favorite person in the whole world!
have you heard about http://www.loopfilms.com/
very clever and touching

studio wellspring said...

thanks for the kind words ladies ~ it is very hard to say goodbye, but i'm very glad i got the opportunity because i know so many don't get that blessing.

paris parfait said...

So terribly sorry about your grandmother. It's difficult saying goodbye to a loved one. My own grandmother (in Arkansas!) was very special and I miss her still. Beautiful, cheery, happy art. xo

studio wellspring said...

tara yet another reason we were destined to be friends ~ arkansas roots! how wonderfully uplifting to find more connections across the miles.