etsy delights

with my morning cafe au lait i decided to visit etsy ~ hadn't been there in several weeks. not surprisingly, i discovered some delightfully talented artisans to share with you.

i just love fabric shops. they're so hopeful & invigorating. fabric stash is a california based etsy shop with tons of lovely fabrics to choose from ~ shower curtains, aprons, pillow covers & book covers are just begging to be made from threads so great!

lulu lala land offers beautiful antique materials for jewelry making ~ just the chains alone had me all giddy. i've got several beading projects i want to get finished soon so i can buy up some new materials from this fabulous shop and start dreaming-up new projects. ooo la la!

there's nothing like incredible ceramics to make your dining experience more enjoyable. i was thrilled to find kim westad's shop ~ her work is simple & fancy at the same time. i like her use of pattern & color & shape so much that i couldn't resist ordering a few!


tangobaby said...

Those ceramics are lovely! What did you buy?

I can always count on you to give me something pretty to look at during the day.


paris parfait said...

Those fabrics and ceramics are just delicious! So tempting. xo

studio wellspring said...

i hope i did brighten your day, tangobaby, you need to get all better soon! i bought the whirl bowls ~ spiral over-lapping ceramic clay in white with little "beads" on it. quite lovely.

glad you liked them too, tara ~ etsy is indeed a continual source of delicious temptation.

vineeta said...

Neat finds! I especially loved the fabrics and the antique jewellery trinkets. Simply beautiful.

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Anjie, what great finds! You know you had me on the fabric, but those ceramic pieces are rockin as well. The vase with the dotted line needs to live in my apartment. I hope you are surviving the earthquake winds!