so sylvie's story

sylvie is a beautiful, charismatic, warm-hearted lady with a lovely blog, so sylive, and a wonderful shop in los gatos, blossom home. she's one of us and she's going through something none of us should ever have to. i am compelled to share her story for two reasons: to give her more support and to give a wise warning to everyone else.
i'm sure we all know a woman with breast cancer, nowadays it's all too common not to. for me it's my mother ~ 20 years in remission, but it was a bizarre and scary thing to go through and the memories of that are still haunting. the thing is, we're told if you get yearly check-ups and self examine and what not that you're cutting your risk. but what you don't hear {and what sylvie's situation shines a beaming light on} is that even if you do detect something worth getting checked-out, if you have clueless mammogram technicians or so-busy-they're-oblivious doctors then it really doesn't matter if you detect something yourself at a very early stage. and that is ridiculously unfair.
hopefully by being aware that multiple opinions are imperative, by listening to our invaluable intuitions, and by supporting each other when the going gets rough, we will find a way to beat this unfortunate disease with greater comfort and ease. so please take a moment to send healing, calming, and uplifting thoughts over to my friend sylvie who altruistically shared her story so we all might avoid similar tribulation.

{all photos from the so sylvie blog}


vineeta said...

Oh.. Angie.. Its really sad... And Im glad that you wrote about it here. Im about to check her blog.

acaligurl said...

an important story to share! our local hospital's policy is that all radiologists read the mam's and i think its a great idea. my mom is 1 year breast cancer free.
i will check out sylvie's story.
so glad you mentioned blossum home, los gatos is one of my favorites spots to spend the day, and now i have a new store to check out!

studio wellspring said...

welcome acaligurl ~ i'm glad sylvie's situation resonated with you and i'm confident you'll enjoy her shop. it's just as sweet as she is.

hiya vineeta ~ i hope you enjoy her blog. she hasn't blogged much lately but there's a ton of interestingness in the archives too.