valkommen till cosas

i really like the rustic calmness of this room. i've been holding onto this picture in my "inspiring calm" folder for a while so it's another one of those spaces i can't properly identify or appreciate the designer for.
when i stumbled across a swedish online shop called cosas i was reminded of this room so i thought i'd share the coincidence. i'm willing to bet the person whose home looks like the photo above likely shops at places like cosas. their website is all in swedish so i can't understand a word, but the lovely photography of the wonderful items for sale pretty much speaks for itself.


J Lee said...

i love these images.
i'm also a big fan of the rustic cottage look! great post!


studio wellspring said...

thanks ever so much, jenn!

Bhavna said...

Thanks for the link! Love these images ...specialy the metal bowl and the bottles..