tv pop

tv's are a regular fixture in most american homes, but sometimes the less electronically focused, more artfully sensitive person may not want to always see the monstrosity when it's not in use. as tv's are becoming larger in scale they pose a new challenge to designers to incorporate them into room design without always making them the dominant feature. one idea is to hide the tv inside a cabinet that is designed with a pop-up lift system {hydraulic or electric}. there are several new units being sold by well-known manufacturers:

{more traditional style ~ pop-up hdtv & black wood cabinet by edison}

{more contemporary style ~ pop-up lcd tv & red laminate cabinet by sharp}

and then you can also get one custom designed for your space and needs if you don't see the right thing being offered in stores:

{i realize this is pretty huge and not the norm, since we designed a 60" tv that lifts out of the same unit that houses a 103" tv, but it still can give you an idea for possibilities that are out there. plus that is some serious design eye-candy}

{just for a sense of scale of this thing ~ i saw this from design drawing stage to built reality & i'm still amazed by it}


restyled home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and setting me straight on the crow/raven debate!! LOL To me, they look too similar to tell them apart, and both are quite charming anyway!

By the way, is that t.v.(bottom) your design?? That is incredible...serious eye candy indeed!! Great blog you have here...very inspiring and beautiful!

Drop by again!

tangobaby said...

Hmmmmmm...do I recognize any of the people in the last picture?!

heh heh heh.

studio wellspring said...

hi linda! so glad you jumped on over. that tv millwork was designed mostly by greg stewart and ashton cates before i joined oda, so i can't take much credit. i got an insiders-only tour and that's when i took those photos. pretty fabulous, ay?

thought you'd like that, miss.tangobabay ~ it's so fun to see your colleagues by surprise.

j said...

that television is *nuts! and i approve of the white couch with circular ottoman... ;)

studio wellspring said...

yes diva *j, i knew you'd get a tingle of "hell yea" from this living room furniture. btw, it is all custom, and the ottoman is just a space filler because at the time of this photo the real one {that matches the sofa exactly} wasn't ready yet. shall i design you a similar tv cabinet for your new living room setting? :o)

design for mankind. said...

OOOH, Great post! :)

vineeta said...

Here in India these pop ups are not yet available, But for god sake its SOOOO overdue! I've never quite known how to hide the hideousness that one cant live without. LOVE U for posting about this & u design such fabuous stuff??!! Do share more of it with us :)

studio wellspring said...

thank you so much vineeta ~ i'll definitely be sharing more & more as my design portfolio grows.