teen & toddler playroom

this is the playroom in the east hampton's house ~ there are so many things i love about it that i had to highlight it on its own. the architecture got a little funky in here due to the roof lines, but the storage, electronics and furnishings all turned out great. the entry door and the tv are both recessed into their own niches so they're flush with the wall. the electronics, games, dvd's, etc are stored in the built-in millwork on the east side of the room. the carpet is a custom wall-to-wall that runs throughout the second floor. the walls are painted a simple ice-block white {from sherwin williams}. unfortunately i don't have any information on that fabulous wooden map above the sofa. it is a family heirloom of the client's and they don't have any information on where it originally came from. so if you happen to recognize it from somewhere, please do tell!

{the white fiberglass coffee table is the anima by minima, the sofa is from the ac collection at b&b italia, the upholstery is osborne & little's broadway ripple, the white and chrome floor lamp is the joe 60 by y lighting, the throw pillows are custom done in kravet's boho beat fabric line, and the white resin & kelp hide armchair is from espasso}


design for mankind. said...

This is a playroom??? Where does everything GO? Looks BEAUTIFUL.

And yay! You're SOOOO in the PAY IT FORWARD giveaway! Can't wait to send you a creation (but be forewarned... I'm not uber-talented in the crafy department!).

Email me your address and the fun shall begin!


studio wellspring said...

yay ~ thanks so much dfm! i'm so excited.
to answer your question: the beauty of the room is that everything is hidden. under the built-in window seat, in the built-in wall cabinets, and then along the back wall (barely in the photo) are floor to ceiling adjustable shelves. this family doesn't exaclty have a messy living style, so this was requested as a "keep it nice" play space that the older kids could enjoy too. go figure! :o)

vineeta said...

Absolutely beautiful! My favs are-the map of course, the cushions & both the tables! I loved the log one!

true nature said...

ohhhh, this is a dream room, i really love it! that natural wood sidetable? genius. the seating? perfect. :)

Traditions Journal said...

I adore the wooden map above the sofa!! I have seen maps where they use vintage license plates, but I like this even better.

studio wellspring said...

muchas gracias jenny & vineeta ~ i'll be doing a post soon on the artist who makes the tree stump tables

welcome traditions journal ~ i'm so enjoying your blog!

paris parfait said...

This looks so terrific! Well done, you! And I had a smaller version of that map (puzzle?) as a child.